Tree Transplanting

[1] The tree transplanter is positioned in an up-right position with blades raised and gate in an open position from centrally located hydraulic valve bank.

[2] With blades up and gate open the entire unit is backed into position.

[3] The tree transplanter is positioned so that the tree is equidistant from each blade prior to closing the gate.

[4] The gate is closed and locked hydraulically.

[5] The entire unit is lowered to the ground and insertion of the blades into the ground one at a time hydraulically is about to begin. The operator maintains full control of the entire operation from one centrally located control point.

[6] Insertion of the blades to their fullest depth completes the cycle. At this point, stabilizers are lowered and vertical extraction of the ball and tree is completed.

[7] The spoon shaped blades are inserted into the ground along a curvilinear track forming a totally enclosed pod of roots and soil.

[8] After the tree is raised vertically from the ground the tree is tilted into a horizontal position. The stabilizers are raised and the tree is ready for transporting to it’s new location.