Our Services

Supply Golf & turf Equipment & Spare Parts

Our firm has been dedicated to the golf & turf equipment industry for 34 years and we will always, as in the past ourselves to serving you with the utmost in proper business ethics and conducting our business in the highest of traditions.

Repair Golf Turf Equipment & Tractors

We able to supply various type of used turf equipment & Tractor and able repair & service all kind of equipment. Our network of warehouses ensures parts are available for timely repairs as required.

Supply & install Driving Range Netting & Products


We able to Mini Trailer, rollers & ball pickers

Field Renovation

We are a full-service land maintenance and turf management company that provides a wide range of solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs.



Tree Transplanting & Landscape

We are specialized in all kind of tree transplanting, landscape works & pruning trees. We’ll plant LARGER TREES by Big John Tree Transplanter, which special truck mounted tree transplants have sharp alloy blades, which move into the soil one at a time hydraulically in a digging sequence. Once uprooted the tree is transported in the truck in a horizontal position to the transplantation site. Visit our website : www.hitechlandscape.com.my

Specialized in all kind of tree transplanting, landscape works & pruning trees.