About us

Our Company

Pekerti Jaya Sdn. Bhd. Was incorporated in 1984 and was bought over by current shareholders in June 1992. The company has gained great experi- ence in the agricultural and golf industry. The company’s in-house expertise covering a wide range of discipline from service management, conducting courses of instruction and training in a variety of field related to the agricultural. Besides that, the company also engaged in supplying part of all brands to golf equipment’s.

In 1996, the company set up it’s wholly owned subsidiary known as Hi-Tech Tree Transplanting Sdn. Bhd. Now known as “Hi-Tech Landscape Sdn. Bhd.” Through the subsidiary our company enable to diversify it’s business into tree transplanting and landscaping.

With this combination, Pekerti Jaya Sdn. Bhd will be known throughout the Asian Region as a company which gives good value for money and excel- lence of service to it’s customers.

Corporate Philosophy

To provide honest and efficient service in every aspect of our business. To recognize our corporate social responsibilities and our role in the community by good corporate citizenship and integrity. To be a good employer and to provide job enrichment and to foster goodwill and welfare of our staff. To generate adequate profits to attain a fair return for our shareholders and to ensure a continues and steady growth of the company.

Corporate Vision

Unmatched excellence in client experience, employee engagement, financial strength and value delivered.

Mission Statement

Landscape & environmental service experience to every residential, utility, commercial & government client.

Our Team

Our team is highly experienced, qualified and driven by a passion that sets us apart from our competitors.